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Need help moving your mobile home?

Zinc Homes works with top-quality, low-cost mobile home transport companies.  If you are interested in moving a mobile home within or around Colorado, and have questions or need a quote, please contact us. We can help coordinate the whole three-part process; from tear-down, transport, and set-up.

Helpful Hints

  • Make sure the manufactured home meets the county requirements in which you are moving the home.  This includes year of home, structural covenants, and roof-load requirements
  • Make sure the home is structurally secure enough to be transported and withstand a move
  • The more “preparation” work you done yourself lowers the cost (i.e. removing decks, porches, awnings, skirting etc.)
  • Coordinate both communities (pulled from, and moving to) well in advance, to know their requirements, charges, and any incentives they might offer
  • Typically, homes must be completely empty prior to the move

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We pay for referrals on mobile homes

We pay for referrals on mobile homes

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