have rough credit

We finance mobile homes! We are the bank, and can finance most situations others can’t or won’t! Click to fill out a pre-approval application.

Mobile home mortgage calculator

Mobile home mortgage calculator

If you have rough credit, we can help!  We are the bank, and do our own loans on our inventory mobile homes.  By carrying our own mobile home loans we have programs to help almost anyone. We never have pre-payment penalties, have reasonable terms, and we let you pick your payment depending on down payment and length of mobile home loan. Our professional servicing company reports to the credit bureaus and can help with other tools to assist in repairing your credit.

All of our mobile home loans and processes are both state and federal compliant. Don’t be fooled by imitators that play games with terms or non-compliant “lease-to-owns”. Buying your mobile home means you have control, improve your credit, take the tax deductions, and actually build equity! You actually own it! Download and print this Zinc Homes Financing Application to apply with our financing company for a new loan or refinance on almost any home!

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We pay for mobile home referrals

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