We ARE the Mobile Home Professionals!

We ARE the Mobile Home Professionals! Click on the photo to contact our team directly.

The Zinc Homes mobile home team specializes exclusively in new and used manufactured homes, modular homes, and park models. Our mission is to help deserving people with affordable housing. We were founded in response to the massive change in the financial and residential housing industry, and the need for affordable housing. We bridge the gap with a vast array of mobile home investors, sellers and buyers in the manufactured housing industry. Zinc Homes is an industry leader recognized as a premier Wholesale, Resale, Investment, and Manufactured Housing Brokerage & Consulting firm.

You have a choice. This can be a challenging industry for all sides. Choose a transparent company that has integrity and doesn’t play games. We’ve been in the market for over 10 years and value our reputation more than making a quick buck. We work to find a win-win situation in every transaction.

We are proud members of the CO Rocky Mountain Housing Association, we are Registered Colorado Manufactured Housing Dealers, and we use SAFE ACT, UCCC, and FAIR HOUSING Compliant sales processes.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.

We pay for mobile home referrals

We pay for mobile home referrals

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